Rental payments are due on the 1st of each month.  Invoices will not be sent, however, for your convenience we do offer automatic monthly payments directly from your Visa or MasterCard.  Credit card payments may also be called into our office at 920-347-0888.

Rental payments not received by the 10th of each month will be subject to a $20 late fee and overlock of your unit.  Please be certain to pay promptly to avoid lock out from your unit and costly fees.

Each storage unit is to be secured with a quality lock of your choosing.  Should you like to purchase a lock, we offer Chateau Security Weatherproof locks at our office.

Leases end on the last day of the month only.  We require at least a 10 day prior to the end of the month written notice to terminate your lease.  Written notice can be mailed, delivered in person to our office, faxed to 920-339-0985, or emailed to Security deposits will be returned pending final inspection of the unit.

Mini-warehouses are for storage purposes only.  No business activity is allowed to be performed out of the unit (ie. woodworking, sales, automotive repair, band rehearsals, etc.).

For the health and safety of all our tenants, we ask you remove all unwanted items from the site.  Dumpsters are not available for tenant use. 

Please use extra precautions and lower your speed while driving through the facilities. 

Although we do our best to provide pest and rodent free facilities, mice may find their way into the storage units.  To avoid any possible damage to your stored items, we do suggest placing d-Con or another form of pest control.  We are not liable for any damage to your stored items. 

Please consult your personal insurance professional as to the coverage you have for your personal items in storage.  Our insurance does not cover your items while they are being stored.

Any storage unit with a 30-day payment delinquency will be assessed a $50 lien fee and set for public auction.  Certified notice will be sent to the tenant and legal notice will be placed in the local newspaper. 

If you have damaged your unit or notice damage to another storage unit, please contact our office to report it.  We want to be certain to repair any damages and keep the facility operational and clean.

Prices are subject to change and availability. Please refer to your lease for full rules and regulations.

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